Toilet Seat Showdown: Why Couples Disagree and How Tech Can Help

The never-ending argument about whether to leave the toilet seat up or down has been a source of countless disputes between couples. It’s surprising how such a simple issue can cause so much drama. Let’s dive into the reasons behind this ongoing “battle” and explore a potential solution that could bring harmony to our bathrooms.

Germ Warfare: Toilet Seat Hygiene

One reason people get into heated discussions about the toilet seat is hygiene. Research shows that when you flush the toilet, a sneaky “toilet plume” can send bacteria and viruses flying into the air (Barker & Jones, 2005). One easy solution to this problem is keeping the seat down, which can help contain those pesky germs (Gerba, 2014).

The Convenience Conundrum

The debate over the toilet seat often boils down to convenience. Some men typically prefer the seat up, so they don’t have to touch it during a quick bathroom break, while women generally want it down for all their bathroom needs (Aamodt & Wang, 2008). This difference in preference can lead to serious bickering, as each person feels their needs aren’t being respected. It’s the age-old “put the seat down” argument.

Our primary research indicates that this trend may be changing, however, as only 4% of a group of 1,000 survey respondents reported that they preferred to have the seat and lid in the up position. 96% of respondents reported either wanting just the seat or the seat and lid left down, with many preferring the latter.

Gender Dynamics and the Toilet Seat Tango

Believe it or not, the toilet seat debate can also reflect deeper issues about gender equality and power dynamics in relationships. Some women argue that leaving the seat down demonstrates consideration and respect, while some men feel that being asked to put it down is an overbearing demand (Vandello & Bosson, 2013). These conflicting viewpoints can escalate a minor disagreement into a full-blown fight. A study led by found that leaving the seat up was the second most common argument between couples, losing out only to “leaving the lights on around the home”.

The High-Tech Peacemaker: The Automatically-Closing Toilet Seat

So, what’s the solution to this ongoing struggle? Say hello to Cleana Home, the worlds first non-electric self-closing toilet seat! This innovative toilet seat can end the seat wars by ensuring that the seat always returns to the down position after use. No more arguments about hygiene, convenience, or gender dynamics – the auto-closing toilet seat (with standard slow-close technology) makes life a bit easier for everyone. Plus, it’s an excellent way to show that you care about your partner’s preferences without having to compromise on your own.


The toilet seat debate might seem trivial, but it’s actually a complex issue that goes beyond personal preferences. It involves concerns about hygiene, convenience, and even gender dynamics. Understanding these underlying reasons can help couples work through their disagreements and perhaps even find a middle ground. And who knows? An automatically-closing toilet seat might just be the peacemaker we all need to put this age-old debate to rest.

Cleana Home Toilet Seat