The most modern 

auto-closing toilet seat

Why Cleana Home

The Cleana toilet seat automatically closes after every use, improving life in a number of ways. Which of these have you experienced?

Forgetting to lower the seat

Did someone forget to lower the toilet seat again? Cleana Home automatically closes the seat and lid after a time delay.

Pets drinking from the toilet

Nobody wants their furry friends drinking dirty toilet water and risking inflection, E. coli, or other diseases. Cleana's auto-closing lid prevents this and more.

Children getting in the toilet

Leaving the toilet lid or seat up is a significant risk to young children. In addition to potential injuries, children may play with dirty water or throw toys in the toilet.

Accidentally dropping items

Never drop another toothbrush, container, or cell phone in the toilet again with Cleana Home's auto-closing seat and lid.

How Cleana Home Works

How Cleana Works

Cleana Home automatically lowers the seat and lid between uses.

No plug-ins, upkeep, or maintenance is required. Just set-it and forget-it!

Auto-closing lid & seat

Our patented tech ensures you’ll never have to lower the seat again

Plug-in free

The easiest installation of any high-tech seat. No power or wall outlets needed

Soft-close hinge

Prevents slamming seats with a smooth soft-close function

Anti-microbial coating

Keep your toilet cleaner by fighting fungal and bacterial growth

A Tech Packed Seat at a Budget Price

A Tech-Packed Seat at a Budget Price

Cleana Home vs. the rest

Standard Soft
Close Seat



No Plug-in

No Maintenance

Installation Time

10 minutes

10 minutes

Requires plumber/contractor



$30 to $70


Comparing Cleana Home



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